• In 2009 our founder Nick stood up in front of a few thousand people and asked Richard Branson for advice.


    They talked one on one and it changed Nick’s career.


    We realised getting the right advice at the right time can change people’s lives.


    Elefant was created to make sure millions of others have smart tools to remember the right advice, when they need it.


    In doing so we aim to effect trillions of small, meaningful changes to the world's mental health.

    Why is it called Elefant?

    Because elephants never forget.

    Because Nick’s mum always used to give him presents with elephants on them.

    …and because we didn’t have enough money to buy elephant.com.

    Anyone can suffer from mental health challenges. Heads Together and Mind will be the official Elefant charities.

  • Our Advisors

    Dr Lucy Bartlett

    Marketing Advisor

    PhD Oxford University.

    Yorkshire. Liberally supplements life with wine and sparkle. Runs on disco.

    Vanesa Gomez Gonzalez

    Technical Advisor

    Vanesa is a "current future billionaire." She's also a software engineer at NASA.

    Duncan CJ

    Community Advisor

    Duncan is the creator of SpiritPig.com - rated by iTunes as one of the top self-help podcasts in the world. 25+ TED speakers, NYT bestselling authors, Academy Award nominated directors, Mt. Everest climbers, World Record holders and spiritual leaders have been featured on Spirit Pig.

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